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Material as Test Analyst/Tester

Media technology´s homepage
New site for the subject Media technology at Södertörns högskola. Site made in Html, Php, mySql and Flash during the project Web house, courses Multimedia on the Web and User-centered web design. Flash player needed.

- Media technology´s homepage today
- The prototype and info (swedish)

Statist missions
Since 2006 i have been statist in movies, commercial, music videos etc. For example Helena Bergströms movie "Se upp för dårarna", the rock band Memfis´ music video "The wind up", norweigan commercial (wedding) and a german romantical comedy by the tv company Bavaria.

See pics and movie clips from that and more

Site for service company
Made a homepage for the company Adroita Personlig Hem- & Omsorgstjänst. The owner choosed between layout, text and colour, and i fixed it for her.

See the homepage

Continued the original homepage of www.4myhome.se for Optimedia AB. Work practice 2 months + extra work. Programmed in Html-Php-mySQL, edited photos, updated text- and pictures. Made news letters and contest forms. Handled a forum.

- Info and pics from work praktice (swedish)
- 4myhome.se today

Fictional site for Burs Pastorat
In one of the html-courses in the IMD-education we made a fictional homepage for Burs pastorat. I made for example the menu navigation in Javascript. The site works but is not in use. Observe that the text is old and its not their homepage in use.

Burs pastorat, fictional homepage (made for 1024*800 px)

The Community game
This educational computer game was made in Macromedia Director in the course "Interaktive medias". The purpose of the game is to learn out information about the swedish communities at the same time as having fun by playing a game. So called "Edutainment" from the words Education and Entertainment.

- Pictures from the DVD
- Download and play!

Application for the Interactive Institute
In the end of 2005/beginning of 2006 i had a "practical essay work" at Interactive Institute, department Visions4Museums. I designed and programmed the computer application in Director and burned it on DVD.

- See pictures from the application
- Read the essay (swedish) (pdf)

Work sample from OAL Studio AB
10 weeks the authem of 2005 i had work practice at OAL Studio AB. They make all programs for Sollentuna local TV community. They also have a textual information loop with pictures. In the end of the work practice i made a work sample for DVD.

See pictures from the DVD

Short movies
Information movies about going by bus. A fictional 2,5 min short movie from the course "Sound and moving pictures". RealPlayer/RealOnePlayer needed. I have also directed other short movies.

See the movie and other movies here (swedish)

2D game for Internet
This platform computer game is in Mario style and was made with the program Multimedia Fusion in the choosable couse "Ground course in computer programming" at Stockholm universite

See pictures and play the game! (swedish)

ULight - a design project
This interactive presentation was made in the course "Design project" with the programs Macromedia Director, Cinema 4D, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and more.

Read about it and see pictures! (swedish)

My C level essay
3 months research and writing of the C level essay in university. Titel: "Datorprogram i skolmiljö - En utvald grundskola som fallstudie" (Computer programs in school - an elementary school as a detailed example).

Read the C level essay (swedish) (pdf)

Animated combined LP/DVD player
This Multi player i animated in the course "3D animation" and it´s made in the program Cinema4D (4th dimension is time then, since you can also make animated movies).

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Kollage in Photoshop
This fictional newspaper was made with Photoshop in one of the first courses at Södertörns högskola; "Visual communikation".

Zoom the picture

SVT's Tv guide on the web
The university class was divided into different groups and we all came with progress suggestions for SVT to develop their TV guide on Svt.se.

Read more (swedish)

My old homepage
It was made in high school already. Not much updated since. The picture gallery is the only interesting part nowadays.

Visit the old homepage


My old portfolio
My old portfolio. I felt i needed to make a new one.

See my old portfolio




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