SEB IT, 2008-03 - 2010-02 and 2011-09 - now

Test Analyst/Tester
Test Analyst (and Tester) at SEB IT in Rissne, Stockholm. Full time. Continued in the same project as I started when working for Testpunkten (PARC in One IT Roadmap). New partproject from 2008/10, and 2009/06. I’m also automating test cases as well as doing manual testing. SEB UP certified.

SEB IT AG, 2010-02 - 2011-08;

Test Analyst/Tester
Test Analyst (and Tester) at SEB IT in Frankfurt. Full time. Manual testing. SEB UP certified.

Testpunkten, 2007-08 - 2008-02

Test Analyst/Tester
Test Analyst (and Tester) at Testpunkten AB. SEB as client for 6 months. Intensive Test courses in the beginning at Know IT, with lectures as Pablo Garcia, Paul Gerrard, Stephen Allott, Andy Redwood and more. Project employment for 6 months.

Flottsbro Camping (Huge AB), 2007-07 - 2007-08

Receptionist, House inspector
Worked with camp booking, inspections of houses and office work at Flottsbro Camping. Season employment until 26 Aug. Much customer contacts. Money handling.

OmsorgsCompagniet, 2007-05 - 2007-08

Service man
Service work as household duty, personal assistance and suchlike in customers’ homes. Paid per hour. Extra work.

Com Hem via Poolia, 2007-02 - 2007-03
Kungens Kurva

Shop informer
Changed digital boxes from former UPC customers to digital boxes from Com Hem in a shop called Expert in Kungens kurva. Explained for customers how the boxes worked and forwarded them to Customer support for other questions.
Much customer contact. Time limited employment. This was in the change to the official digital net from the analog net.Arbetade i Expert-butik åt Com Hem via Poolia. Gav f.d UPC-ägare (nu Com Hem) nya digitalboxar. Förklarade för kunder och hänvisade andra frågor till Kundtjänst eller Expertpersonalen. Detta skedde i samband med digital-tv-övergången.

Optimedia, 2006-05 - 2007-01

Web master, photo editor
Developed the homepage 4myhome.se. Work practice 2 months and extra. Programmed in Html-Php-mySQL, edited photos, updated texts and pictures. Created newsletters. Worked extra when help needed.

Interaktive Institute, 2005-11 - 2006-01

Programmer, Designer, Researcher
Exam job at department Visions4Museums in cooperation with Stockholm city museum. Research work with choosing pictures and sound clips from the museum’s library for a computer application. Designed and programmed a computer application in Macromedia Director. Time limited employment.

OAL Studio AB, 2005-08 - 11

Graphic artist, Editor, Media producer
Work practice at OAL Studio AB who makes the programs for Sollentuna Local TV. Updated the local TV’s “text information loop” and made a new graphical look. Developed the TV-programs intros. Edited concerts with different
artists/bands. Acted camera man in some studio recordings. Made a DVD about my work. Time limited employment.

Posten Sverige AB, 2000-2005
Tomteboda, Arlanda, Johanneshov, Tumba

Sorter, Mail man, Warehouse manl
Worked summers and Christmas vacation, day and night shifts in different locations: Arlanda, Tomteboda, Johanneshov and Tumba. Worked both in group and by myself.

Academic Work, 2004-05 - 08

Student Consult (while studying)

Komet, 200512 - 200603 + 09

Student Consult (while studying)

Student Consulting, 2006-04

Student Consult (while studying)

Karolinska Institutet, 200006 -07

Warehouse man
Moved equipment and funiture from one floor to another and to the basement.

Neles Controls (/Jamesbury/Automation), 199806 - 199912

Office man, Warehouse man
Sorted paper, handled registrations, copied and worked in Excel with mathematics. Summer and days every now and then.

Baluba Televison AB, 199703

Helped them during recordings, studied their work and took care of the mails from the people watching the tv program. Acted as a statist in a child program. Work practice in school.

+ Shorter summer, Christmas and extra employments..




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