Movies - Statist and amatuer director

Already as a childi was interested in movies and theatre. On this page you find i have directed, filmed and "real movies" where i act as a statist.

Since 2006 i have been a statist in different productions. For example in Helena Bergström´s movie "Se upp för dårarna", the rock band Memfis music video "The wind up", in a norweigan (wedding) and in a german romantical comedy filmed by the tv company Bavaria, SVT´s Kungamordet, TV4´s Labyrint, photo collection for Scandic Hotel and commercial for Alecta.

Furthermore i have been the one filming the family´s holidays during my childhood and today. It has always been a hobby to edit photos and movies in my sparetime.

"TV-audience, different productions"

"Så ska det låta"

"Time out"

"Hellenius hörna"

"Extra, Extra"

"Statist commercial: Hobbyfilm - Alecta"


"Statist: Music video "2nd best to none" (ABBA production sung by Hotel Rival staff)"

www.rival.se (intro)

"Statist: Riksgälden - Bad loosers"

www.callboy.se (find it there)

"Statist, photos: Scandic sport community"

"Statist, Tv serial Svt: Kungamordet"

"Statist, Tv serial Tv4: Labyrint"

"Statist, Movie: Se upp för dårarna"


"Statist, Music video: Memphis - The wind up"

See the video online at memfis.net/media_video.html

"Statist, short movie: Space odyssey"

See me as astronaut (short clip)

"Own made short movie: Bus"

Information film about going by bus (8 mb)

- A fictional 2,5 min short movie from the course "Sound and moving pictures" at Södertörns högskola/KTH Syd.
I was statist, camera man and editor.

RealPlayer/RealOnePlayer needed.

  "Own made short movie: U-Light"

See the short movie here (choose "Save as")
(doesn´t work with Media player, but with VLC player for example)

"Own made movie: Radhus & Synvillor"

DVD menu (from the start at VHS).

The meteorolog Anders in locally bad weather.

Reporting from China.

Bored person climbing the walls..

Collegue Thomas S.

"Echo effect" and 1st person shot

"Radhus & Synvillor" - sparetime movie (on DVD/VHS)
Recorded and edited in elementary school. Later transferred to DVD.
We were two persons who acted actors, camera men and editors.





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